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  “Trivium Films” is a film company, established in 2008 by the film director Kostadin Bonev. The first project of “Trivium Films” is the documentary “Sizing of Memories”.

Kostadin Bonev made his debut in documentary cinema in 1984. He has been awarded a lot of national and international prizes, among them Grand Prix “Centaur” in 1995 for “Letters to the Nether World”, Prix Europa Willy Brandt Prize for “The Patience of the Stone”, the Special Prize of the Jury in Munich for the same film, the Special Prize of the Film Concern Mosfilm for “War Correspondent”, Golden Rhyton Grand Prix for Лuropolis, The Town of the Delta"etc. Five of his films have won the Award of the film critics at the festivals of the Bulgarian documentary and feature film “The Golden Rhyton” and “The Golden Rose”. Three times  awarded with the Prize for the best film director at the annual awarding of the Bulgarian Association of Filmmakers for the documentaries “Under a Cloud” and “The Patience of the Stone” and TV Feature "War Correspondent".

Kostadin Bonev

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